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uRTime : your timing solution

uRTime is a complete timing solution using disposable UHF chips. It is the latest generation of multisports timing system. It can be used for running, trail, cycling, skiing…

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RF Conception, specialist in identification and tracability using RFID UHF technology !

RF Conception, French company, is developing solutions using RFID UHF technology (Radio Frequence Identification – Ultra High Frequency). RF Conception develop the whole solution you need.

All your need will find an answer as we have all the skills in the company, whether they are software or material development.

puce identification de bac à ordure, cartons, logistique,...
  • RFID UHF Technology

    The RFID UHF Technology, last identification technology, is also the most efficient.

    It permits to identifiate any kind of object and to detect it with a long range reading distance.

  • Other technologies of identification

    RF Conception will also develop solutions using the other technologies of identification (Low and High Frequency). The technology to use will be determinate after a first discussion in way to give a good answer to your needs.

RF Conception

03 67 07 65 63

3, rue de l’Embranchement
10 min from STRASBOURG

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